Top 5 IPL Systems

Hair Removal is an issue faced by many people around the world. Here are the Top 5 IPL systems that you can get.


The #1 pick for the best at-home hair removal system is Hena’s IPL Permanent Hair Removal System. It has thousands of customer reviews about how effective this system is, easy to use, and, most importantly, stops hair from growing back permanently. You will see influencers on social media that love Hena, and you will be surprised with their before and after photos.

Pristine Skin

Another famous brand is the Pristine Skin Premium Laser Hair Removal Handset. Customers online also review the excellent results of this brand. But, they do not ship outside the USA unless you’re going to pay an extra amount of money.

Glowy Skin

Same as mentioned above, GlowySkin Premium Laser Hair Removal Handset also uses IPL technology. This kit is useful when tested. However, according to some customers’ reviews, they noted that it has a lack of instructions. GlowySkin also works in different parts of your body, even in the face, and it does not require bulb refills for 10+ years of use.


Laxcare Facial Hair Removal blades are made from stainless steel, so it is highly durable. Customers online review an amazing result because it is easy to operate. However, just make sure that you check the compartment to prevent turning it on accidentally since some customers complain about turning it on by accident at certain times.


One of the known brands is the Leuxe Facial Hair Remover.  It is painless, yet it works effectively. But the hair has a tendency to sometimes get stuck in the area close to the razor, so you need to be very thorough when cleaning it.