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Excellence Device
Amazing results. I would most definitely recommended it. Thank you very much.
Deepak Raheja
It Works!! I highly recommend this device , almost 2 months and hair has stop growing drastically. I used to shave my legs once a week because that's a real sensitive area for me. Looks like I will never have to shave them again soon . I'm so happy with the results and really worth invest.
Adriana Sakdana
Shocked that it actually works!! I have been getting laser treatment/electrolysis for the past 10 years for my really stubborn facial hair.Since COVID, I hadn't been able to go. Hena is a game changer for me!I cannot believe it worked! I wish I would have bought one years ago, I would've saved myself thousand dollars!!!
Michelle L
Here's hoping I've been using henna for about a month, twice a week. No results as of yet, but I'll keep trying.
Diane Bays
I feel bad I just used one week look like it doesn't work so how many weeks is it work? I just use twice a week look like it'snot work so is it take how many week it's can be work?
Thien Tram Sanchez Castro
It is working May leg and arm hair grow back slowly and the hair is super fine. I will keep on using the hena. I have a few stubborn chin hairs however that have not gone away. I hope they will disappear forever soon.